Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break

It's Spring Break time for students. Anyone else kinda get nervous? No? Just me? Ok..maybe it's because I was a "Spring Breaker" in high school growing up. Not the kind that partied or anything. I had truly amazing friends. Non-believers at that.

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah we had a great, warm destination spot. St. George, Utah. Everyone went there. High school and college. Our parents trusted us because we were the type of girls who actually swam and were goofy at the pool. Who watched movies in our hotel room instead of trying to impress guys. ( We tried one time and it was an epic fail, it just wasn't us, thankfully!) BUT we did make some "small" decisions that could of ended badly. Do you know what I'm talking about? At the moment you think nothing could go wrong (again you are 17 and not thinking sometimes) like going hiking at mid night where wild animals and drunk people roam. Or actually trusting a bunch of "nice boys" and come to find out they are insane drug dealers! And you need to leave but your friends may not think its a big deal. Nothing happened, but oh things could of.

I'm saying all this because I was a Christ follower who went on Spring Break. I was a leader in my youth group and loved God. I'm sure a lot of our students are heading out this week on Spring Break. Lets pray for them that in those "iffy" situations God speaks to them, guides them, protects them. And to help keep their testimony strong.

Happy Spring Break!
And yes this is a picture of my friends and I on Spring Break 2003! Oh to be young again!

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